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2012 has seen the largest leap in tech releases from the free iPad 3 to the latest free iPhone 5, both them and more can be yours just by simply following my guide to getting free stuff from freebiejeebies. Thousands of people have found that it's now possible to get life's luxuries totally free and thanks to my simple approach many others are taking advantage of this online phenomenon as well.

I have created a guide for you to follow, which outlines the basic requirements for this to work, from completing your offer and inviting your friends to receiving your freebie and everything inbetween! For anyone wanting to jump straight in and get started click here and register your account now!

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Big names such as CNN & NBC have featured this method of obtaining expensive tech at no cost to you with minimal effort! It's easy for us to say it's free but it's not until news reports around the globe investigated this amazing marvel and proved that it does actually work. To this day millions of people around the world are receiving their free gadgets all thanks to this win/win method of smart advertising and in return you get free stuff quick.

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What freebies can I receive without having to pay anything?

Since joining freebiejeebies they have sent out a mega $2,122,178.06 worth of gifts ranging from Xbox 360's and playstation 3's to fridge freezers and sofas in the last 4 years! With their custom order option you really can get any item you want for free. This has proven to be popular, as not everyone wants to compete for the latest gadgets.

Some people opt in for the cash alternative of the item which is easier than receiving an xbox and purposely selling it on. You simply collect points the normal way, but when you spend your points they are paid out to you in money rather than free gifts. With Christmas approaching as quick as ever it only means 1 thing and that's shopping, but this year will see a lot of people suffer and struggle with increasing numbers of people borrowing to make it all happen. Take a step back and relax we have every single Christmas gift you could need for the whole family and more, from hair straighteners and kids bikes to designer labels and everything in-between!

The amount of freebies you can receive is truly endless, if you can't see your free gift listed at freebiejeebies then simply send a support ticket to the staff and they will do their very best to locate and quote your free gift for you. If for some reason they are unable to order your item for free they will offer you the items value to be paid directly to you or via paypal.

To keep things 100% free you need to keep a look out for the free offers, by doing this you will guarantee that you will not have to pay anything whilst completing your offer for your free stuff.

Offers from Intuit and CreditReport are both free and you only need to complete 1 to guarantee offer completion.

FreebieJeebies - The Basics

So if it's a free iPhone 5 or a free iPad 3 that you want. You can get started right now by creating an account and completing 1 offer with freebiejeebies to qualify for your free stuff instantly. I have been a member of this website for a very long time now and I don't realise just how much free stuff I have actually received over the years. All of which have been brand new, sealed and fully guaranteed with full receipts from retailers such as Amazon. For the full details on how it works read my easy guide!

All of the above can be achieved with little effort from yourself by following the steps mentioned. You will have your free items on their way within days of completing your offer and inviting some of your friends to do the same as you just have. It's nothing new to the marketing scene, simply a more beneficial way of advertising for everyone involved.